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“Achilles’ Heel” and Why It Is Important

An Illustrated Presentation by Dr. Lena Hatzichronoglou

At one time or another we have all used the term “Achilles’ Heel” to indicate someone’s weak spot. However, few of us know the full story of Achilles’ life and the symbolic impact of his weakness, which still informs the experience of our own life.

In this seminar we will look closely at the story of Achilles as it emerges from the epics of Homer and from other ancient sources; we will also look at the influence this story has had in both the ancient and the modern world of art. We will focus on the main issues of the hero’s life, and discover what constituted his “heel.” We will explore the way in which those issues may reflect our own concerns in the “here now.” Finally, based on this awareness, we will create an action plan, which will move the story of our own life towards the ending of our own choice.

What we will gain from this exploration will be: Greater self awareness; wider perspective in our lives; inner strength and empowerment; ability to choose consciously; and inspiration to do what it takes to make our own choices in our lives.

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