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The Meaning of Death and Resurrection:
In the Hero’s Life and in Our Own

Each culture and tradition has its own stories. Since the beginning of time, these stories have not ceased to attract and fascinate us. Their magic lies in the beauty, innocence, goodness, intelligence, strength, power, and god-like energy and achievement of their heroes. For regardless of who these heroes might be we sense something sacred about them, and we feel mysteriously connected to their story.

The reason for this is that, in a very deep level, their story is our story, and what happens to them affects us so much because it mystically describes and explains the events of our own lives. Death and darkness are stages that many heroes have to go through before they reach their heroic blessedness.

In this seminar, through the story of the Greek Hero Oedipus, we will explore the valuable role that darkness plays in the quest of our own life-journey, and we will seek to understand its significance for the attainment of the enlightened stages of our personal heroism.

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