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“Pandora’s Box”: Then and Now

An Illustrated Presentation by Dr. Lena Hatzichronoglou

Every time someone brings up an undesired subject we say: “You opened up Pandora’s box.” Most of us treat this phrase casually, as a saying we all understand. However, although we all understand its meaning in the everyday speech, we seldom stop to look at the story which lies behind it, and even less do we comprehend the impact this story has had in the world since the beginning of history or even earlier than that.

In this seminar, we will start by looking at the earlier version of this story as it is told by the epics of Hesiod. We will also look at other ancient texts, which tell a similar story, and how all these have affected our culture and our world. We will be able to understand how Pandora’s story is more than a phrase, and how powerfully it is still informing our perceptions, ideas and actions in the world of today.

These stories will make us painfully and consciously aware of what we have all along known sub-consciously. They will also make us understand ourselves and our world more deeply. They will help us ask serious questions, which will clear our vision, perceptions and beliefs; and they will create an inspiration for us to understand and improve our relationship with the opposite sex. In short, they will enable us to approach the challenges of today in a powerful way we had never tried before.

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Pandora’s Box: Then and Now

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