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 What Students and Clients Say

What Students are saying…

Dear Dr. Hatzichronoglou,
I felt it necessary to thank you for the wonderful gift you gave to me when you taught me how to uncover the underlying meanings and intent of the myths we studied. The broader perspective that I received as a result of your teachings has truly served to enrich my life and helped me to grow as a person. I wanted you to know how honored I am to have had the opportunity to be your student. The wisdom you offer to those fortunate enough to have met you is truly a divine gift. Again, thank you for all that you have shown me.

Tracy Maynard

…You are so warm, sincere and gracious… Thank you for being such an inspiration. I feel that I have never learned so much from one person as I have from you. You are truly a divine treasure and a joy to be around. And that is from the bottom of my heart! Keep up the wonderful work.

Dara Belllino

Dear Dr. Lena,
I’d like to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and person. Thank you for teaching me not only the world’s myths and their meaning, but also for all your valuable advice about life and human relationships.

Thank you,
Monica Wojciechowska

Dear Dr. Hatzichronoglou,
I would like to thank you very much for the most interesting and entertaining semester that I have ever had. It was a great learning experience and I just wanted to let you know that I learned about wonderful things that I didn’t even know existed. To be honest with you, I was not too fond about taking Mythology because I don’t like unrealistic movies or books, but the first day I walked into your classroom it changed my whole perspective on the way I view things Thank you for everything and most of all, thank you for being there when I needed someone to talk to. I have never opened up to a professor like that in my whole life. You are an excellent professor and a great friend. I will miss you dearly.

Best regards
Amanda Bahri

…. You are a wonderful teacher who will never be forgotten in my life. I learned a lot from you! I hope that when I become an elementary teacher I will be as good as you are!

Thanks again! Take care!
Leslie Nevens

Thank you for this wonderful experience! I enjoyed the many discussions and not only on the mythology but on life itself. I had a wonderful time.

Thank you,
Danell Heino

…You are a very energetic and exciting teacher. I told all my friends to take this class because it’s awesome!

Terra Rivard

I really enjoyed this class, it was very enlightening. You made this subject a lot more enjoyable than I ever thought possible.

Rick Marino

…This class has made me look differently at the world around me and has actually given me a much more positive outlook on life.

Thank you.
Melissa Arnold

Dr. Lena Hatzichronoglou
This class has been enlightening to me in many ways….I now think twice about things I do as well as what happens to me and around me; I look deeper into situations. I think you are a wonderful professor. I enjoyed the class thoroughly.

Thank you,
Eleni Rzadkowdski

Before this class I had limited knowledge of the Greek culture and their myths. But now I feel almost enlightened…The way that you were so knowledgeable on the topics was at first, well, intimidating. But you made this learning experience joyful. I have become more open in my thoughts on other cultures. The way you presented the material was suburb. So, in the words of Harrison Ford “you did good kid.”

Thanks a lot for the wonderful six weeks.
David Webster

Dear Professor Hatzichronoglou,
I don’t know if it’s true, but you really seem to love you job and that is what makes you such a good teacher!
You do everything with enthusiasm and it makes your student interested in what you are teaching! Please don’t ever loose that!…
I have suggested to many people to take you class, I feel I have learned a lot.

Adrienne Stapels

This class was a lot of fun and I’m bummed it’s over! … I enjoyed you as a teacher and I would recommend this class and you to anyone. Thanks for making it fun!

Jen Cesarek

…Your enthusiasm is amazing, I haven’t figured out if it is because you have studied mythology your whole life or because of your love of teaching. I enjoyed this class and I have recommended it to other people already.

Jackie Norman

This class has opened up my mind towards all other religions and cultures and it is a great asset to me. The teaching style of yours has great impact on me and that’s a great gift God has given you .
I really enjoyed this class and I admire you and I respect you as my Professor.

Shilpi Shah

The class was a very great learning experience for me. I learned that Greek Mythology has a big influence in our lives today. Thank you very much for making the class very fun to learn.

Nagia Abdallah

Dear Lena,
You deserve only the best. I’ve wanted to tell you something for a while, and I don’t quite know how to say it. You know how sometimes you look at a person or hear them speak and you just know there’s something very special about them. Or there’s someone who seems to say so eloquently something that you feel inside. Someone who you say, “you know, in lot of ways I’d like to be just like her.” Lena, you are one of those kinds of people for me. You are so kind to everyone and so honest. You are a true teacher that any student would be grateful to have. I watch you interact with just the OCF group and think wow she must be a powerhouse in the classroom.
I was so sad to hear that you will be leaving Gainesville, but I know that there are hearts in Detroit or wherever you go that God knows need your lovely touch. I’m glad that He saw fit for you to touch our hearts for a while. You will always be a special person to me wherever you go.
My thoughts and prayers will be with you.

Much love,
Sandi Moutsios


What Clients are saying…

You listen attentively, not only to the words but the tone of speech, the hesitations and all the decoratives of one’s description of the issue that is on their mind. You repeat for me to hear what I have said, and through an inquisitive process you guide and accompany me through a journey of finding out the answers for myself. The associations you make to the Greek Myths, dramas etc. helps me realize that not only am I not the only one with the issue, but that this is in fact part of the human experience from long, long time ago.

Peggy Xenos
Speech Therapist, Wellness Professional

Throughout my life I have had many teachers, both formal and informal. Lena is the rarest of a teacher and coach because she is able to uniquely bring her mind and her soul to each encounter helping the student to find answers within. I say “within” because this is where a journey with Lena ultimately leads. It is powerful, beautiful and often a little scary; but, in the end, I find myself at a new level of awareness and peace with myself and others.

Nick Stavropoulos
CEO of Auto parts Company

Dear Lena, I could write a book on all the goodness you have inspired in my life…You created a safe place for me to become vulnerable in conversation and emotion. We have explored simple matters and life changing situations together. It is always clear to me that you hold me in the Light without judgment; you see me going through an experience and help me find my way. You are tender and sensitive with an honesty that allows me to see myself more clearly. You care deeply, and I believe you are spiritually inspired.

Diane Kaber
Kelly Services Associate

Lena’s Coaching Gems

  • Listens and hears beyond the words being said
  • Mature perspective on life’s true purpose
  • Profound insight to the “drama” of modern life, enhanced by the insights of the story of human nature as told in the Greek Myths
  • Inspires and motivates by keeping the vision of what can be

Jean Caton

Lena, you are always patient and loving, willing to listen and help. After we finish talking I always feel calm because you always say: “open your heart and…” and this seems to always work. You always encourage me to take my mind away from what I do not want and focus on the blessings I do have in my life. Instead of blaming others you show me how to think positively and envision the life I want. I find all these extremely helpful, and I never feel as if I am a burden to you. Thanks for everything.


Dear God,
Thank you so much for Lena. She is a healing ointment to my aching heart. Her words, cradle me like a baby in a mother’s safe arms. Her love gives me strength as though I am speaking directly to you. I love my sweet Lena. Please bless her with all the good that is possible; beyond her fondest dreams. In the quiet depths of the sacred places in my mind I hold an eternal vigil for her greatest joys.

Thy Will Be Done

Dear Lena,
Every time I think of you my spirit overflows with euphoria and immense love for you. I feel that I open my arms to embrace the world. You, my dear Lena, taught me how to unbury the “talents” God gifted me with and bring them to the surface. Your great wisdom combined with your immense love for LIFE and people leave me ecstatic in front of you. I feel it deeply that you are far beyond being an ordinary person. I feel that you are approaching the divine and the sacred.
My sweet Lena I always envision you surrounded by a divine light. Also, I see that time does not dare to touch you. I believe that you will always be the crystal-like full of joy and love child, unbelievably loved and beloved, but at the same time full of wisdom which lacks nothing in comparison with the biggest names in history or the present times. I also envision that you touch thousands of souls and you lead them “on their way.”
Even if I had the blessing and the honor to have the most well known psychiatrists or psychoanalysts be involved with my challenging life questions, my whole being would choose your own wisdom. Please, continue to take care of Lena for the good of Lena, and of the humankind in its entirety.