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The Story of Early Greek Art

An Illustrated Presentation by Dr. Lena Hatzichronoglou

All over the world, and throughout the centuries, people have always used their creativity and imagination to express their beliefs, customs and traditions in an aesthetic form, which we call art.

The visual or intellectual experience of this art touches us deeply and in ways that sometimes we find it hard to explain even to ourselves. The reason is that, these objects, mysteriously and profoundly communicate to us their drama and their story; the story of the human experience, which we are all part of, regardless of our age, culture, race or religion, and in which we all — consciously or unconsciously — feel at home.

In this presentation, through an abundance of images from Early Greek Art, we will be guided through such a story; the story of power and weakness, religion and politics, family and friendship, love and hatred, life and death, achievement and defeat, joy and grief, beauty and ugliness, dignity, virtue, morality.

At the end, we will all feel as though Greek Art has just provided us with one of those mirrors through which we were able to see and understand better the story of our own lives, we were able to see and understand ourselves.

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