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Life Messages from Greek Literature

The world in which we all live today is challenging. The technological advances and the globalized economy have moved us forward, but at the same time they have created a great deal of discomfort for us. Our values and beliefs are tested daily as we are constantly forced to move faster and faster. We seem to have been caught in a dizzying whirlwind in which we can no longer think nor experience anything deeply. Yet we do not know how to get out of it. We are confronted with serious questions concerning our relationships, our communities, and our institutions, but we feel helpless and confused since we no longer know how to contact even ourselves.

In this state of our trying perplexity, getting in touch with LITERATURE may be what we need. For as the Greek writer Andonis Samarakis had said: “Literature is power…It is the voice of one person, but also the voice of all those who have no voice themselves.”

The aim of these lectures is to provide us with a moment of stillness, in which we will hear this voice, use its power, and let its light restore joy, hope, and meaning in our lives.

Some of the concepts which will be addressed will be: Freedom, Democracy, Nobility, Wealth, Money and the Economy, Justice, Family, Work, Change, Balance, the Divine, Crisis, Principles, Responsibility.

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