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The Woman Behind the Hero
What we can learn from Media and Ariadne

An Illustrated Presentation by Dr. Lena Hatzichronoglou

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In Greek Mythology, the stories of Jason and Theseus are well known. They were both great heroes, who performed incredible tasks and they managed to succeed where everyone else had failed before them.
However, less known are the stories of the women who made it possible for them to achieve those formidable deeds.

The sad fate of Medea and Ariadne is often treated as something separate and outside the story of the Hero in spite of the fact that the MYTH wants them connected and points to the unbroken association linking Medea with Jason and Ariadne with Theseus.

In this presentation we will look closely at this Mythical Connection and seek to illuminate the point that the MYTH makes in its entirety. There are some critical, eternal messages here that it would be best for us not to miss.

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