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Euripides’ Medea

Her Choices and Ours

An Illustrated Presentation by Dr. Lena Hatzichronoglou

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The story of Medea and her husband, Jason, is a fascinating one. It has captured the imagination of many authors ancient and modern. Euripides wrote a tragedy, Apollonius of Rhodes wrote an epic, Ovid dedicated several pages of his Metamorphoses on the subject. Moreover, modern writers, artists and Hollywood producers have made this story famous in the contemporary audiences.

It appears as though the fascination with Medea’s story is never ending, and the reason, I believe, is that, in its essence, this story is a mirror of our own life experience, which we seek to understand. This is the story of a woman who gave up everything which was important to her in order to please the man she loved, but lost everything, including herself, when he deserted her.

In this presentation, we will use the story of Medea, as it is related in the drama of Euripides, to illuminate the strong and weak aspects of female power. We will use the ancient myth as the tool, which can raise serious questions regarding the way we lead our own lives in the world of today

Step by step, we will look at what went wrong in Medea’s life, and we will seek to understand where her choices resemble those of our own.

In such a way, Medea’s story will become the sounding board, which will reflect back to us the essence of what we need to understand in order to avoid her pain, and create for ourselves a marvelous life of balance, joy and peace.

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